The Department of Digital Media Design held the students VR workshop in high school camp.

The Department of Digital Media Design, Asia University and the Taiwan Knowledge Base jointly organized the "2017 Asia-Digital Media VR Workshop" high school student camp activity, that attracting 50 high school students from all over the world.

Asia University, Taiwan's Digital Media and Taiwan Knowledge Base Co., Ltd. jointly organized the "2017 Asia-Digital Media VR Workshop" high school students' camp activities from September 4th to 6th, attracting 50 high school students from all over the world. Participate, the organizer arranges the blood creation of VR games, and uses both hands and brains to think and implement their own VR games.

The director of the Department of Digital Media Design, Lin Jiaan(林家安), said that with the maturity of VR and AR technologies and the popularity of devices, it can bring more innovation to design developers.

As long as they tap into a multi-sensory match, they can bring different experience to the experience. Past performances or fun games; the department offers a three-day workshop that allows high school students interested in reaching out to the field to understand the trend from a fundamental perspective.

Li Junyi, who is in charge of the curriculum planning, said that in the first day of the course, the students have a basic understanding of the application and examples of VR and AR.

On the next day, they will operate the Unity software on the machine and familiarize themselves with the basic interface operations, including the use of materials provided by the teacher. Cardboard and mobile phone to experiment, in the afternoon, group VR project, briefing; on the third day, continue to learn AR basic production method, using Unity software and Vuforia kit as a tool, connect the webcam on the mobile phone to scan the plane pattern and interact on the screen.

The picture; at the end of the group, with the assistance of the team, the project was published, and the teacher gave a comment and issued a certificate of completion.Zhuang Yizhen, a student of Changhua Women’s Middle School, said that before participating in the camp, the difference between VR, AR or MR was rather vague, and life was exposed to most of the works that were biased towards entertainment.

The show, the artistic example, and the production tool Unity, feel very fresh."Lai Junhao (賴君豪) and Chen Junxi (陳俊諺) from Liren High School (立人高中) are in the same group. Lai Junhao said that it is a common experience to develop their own small games without writing programs. Unity is currently a relatively incomprehensible experience. I hope that in addition to entertainment, I can think of interactive works on this subject in the future."

Huang Yaling (黃雅玲) , a junior in the digital media department who is a team assistant, said that this opportunity to lead the high school students' camp and serve as assistants and team assistants can be said to be a review to help the students solve problems while also paying attention to details and looking for Countermeasures, teaching and learning.

Wu Wanyu, a representative of the Taiwan Knowledge Base Company and the Dashuo Youth Care Foundation, who is cooperating with the media industry, is the person in charge of the activities in the workshop. She hopes that in this kind of camp for high school students to explore the essence of each field, through digital media. The teaching of the teacher and the elder sister makes the students who are interested in VR and AR design understand the atmosphere of the university course earlier, thus confirming the interest and planning every step required to complete the dream.

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