The students of Department of Digital Media Design were shortlisted for the Tokyo Film Festival in Japan! Winning for the school!

Lin Jia'an(林家安), Director of Digital Media Design Department of Asia University (Taiwan University) led the students Zhao Peiyu(趙沛羽), Zhu Roian(朱柔安), Ding Yilin(丁宜琳), Wang Yunwen(王韻雯) and Huang Weiwen(黃薇文) to participate in the 2018 Tokyo Taiwan Future Film Week X Tokyo International Film Festival, The animation work "NEXT Next" produced by these 5 students was selected by the judges and will be released at the festival.

Mr. Zhao Peiyu said that the "NEXT Next" animation work is a painstaking effort of the team members in one year. It is a finalist in the Tokyo-Taiwan Future Film Week X Tokyo International Film Festival and Kaohsiung Design Exhibition.

I am honored and thank for our project advisor and teachers in Department of Digital Media Design! Tokyo Taiwan Future Film Week X Tokyo International Film Festival is in line with the world, and cooperates with international film festival organizations to promote Taiwan's outstanding cooperation in the form of mutual exchange, joint screening, overseas curatorial, and participation.

These shortlisted animation works will enhance the visibility of Taiwan's creativity and energy in the international arena and further promote the development of Taiwan's film and television related industries.

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