• Jun-Hong Chen

    Position: Chair Professor
    Education: M.F.A, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
    Specialty: Color Planning, Visual Communication Design, Packaging Design
    Room: A412 / Ext: 6424
    E-mail: chenjh@asia.edu.tw

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  • Aleppo, Yu-Tung Liu

    Position: Chair Professor
    Education: Ph.D. in Design, Harvard University (in association with MIT),USA
    Specialty: Theory of Digital Architecture
    Ext: 1021
    E-mail: aleppo@asia.edu.tw

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  • Ming-lung Yu

    Position: Chair Professor
    Education: B.S. in Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
    Specialty: Poster Design, Visual Communication Design, Advertising Design, and Cultural & Creative Industries
    Room:A404 / Ext:6404
    E-mail: yudesco@ms37.hinet.net

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  • Jia-An Lin

    Position: Associate Professor & Chairperson
    Education: Ph.D.in Art Creation and Theory, Tainan National University of the Art, Taiwan
    Specialty: Photographic & Video recording Practice, Digital Media Industry, Documentary Production, Advertising Film Production, and Postcolonial Film Studies
    Room: HB04 / Ext: 20004
    E-mail: ck1226@asia.edu.tw

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  • Tin-Chang Chang

    Position: Associate Professor
    Education: Ph.D. in Industrial Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
    Specialty: Human Factors Engineering and Industrial Design, Knowledge Management, Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, Industrial Safety and Health, and Interface Design
    Room: H50B / Ext: 1872
    E-mail: ervine@asia.edu.tw
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  • Ming-Hsin Tsai

    Position: Associate Professor
    Education: Ph.D. in Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
    Specialty: Game Design, Digital Media Design, UI and UX
    Room: A409 / Ext: 6409
    E-mail: minghsintsai@gmail.com

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  • Chiung-Jou Lin

    Position: Associate Professor
    Room: - / Ext: -
    E-mail: ymlin8899@asia.edu.tw

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  • Ching-Hui Wang

    Position: Associate Professor
    Education: Ph.D. in Humanities, National Chung Cheng University
    Specialty: Aesthetics of Reception, Semiology of Cinema, Narratology, Poem, Literature Appreciation of Picture Book, and Buddhism Literature
    Room: I60A / Ext: 1873
    E-mail: emily@asia.edu.tw

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  • Wen-Hung Chao

    Position: Associate Professor
    Education: Ph.D.in Design, Asia University, Taiwan / Master.in Architecture(Digital Media), Adelaide University, Australia
    Specialty: Digital game, Digital Media Design, Digital FX, AR/VR
    Room: A402 / Ext: 6402
    E-mail: zeros@asia.edu.tw

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  • Hui-Hsia Chen

    Position: Assistant Professor
    Education: Ph.D. Candidate in Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
    Specialty: Painting Asset Study, Animation Art, and Interface Design for Demonstration.
    Room: H30E / Ext:1883
    E-mail: g9130819@gmail.com

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  • Ming-Yuan Huang

    Position: Assistant Professor
    Education: Ph.D. in Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
    Specialty: Art History, Design History, and Aesthetics
    Room: A202-A / Ext:6407
    E-mail: E-mail:sisykitten@hotmail.com

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  • Wei-Zu Yang

    Position: Assistant Professor
    Education: Ph.D. in Information Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
    Specialty: Personal communications services, Internet telephony, Network performance analysis, High-speed network, Neural network
    Room: HB33 / Ext: 1843
    E-mail: wzyang@asia.edu.tw

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  • Yu-An Ni

    Position: Assistant Professor
    Room: - / Ext: -
    E-mail: hedaoian@asia.edu.tw

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  • Yu-Feng Chiu

    Position: Assistant Professor
    Education: Tainan National College of the Arts Greduate School of Animation M.F.A Degree
    Specialty: Sand Animation Production, Sand Drawing Narrative Film Production, Live Sand Performance, Interdisciplinary Production of Multi-Media Sound and Image, Independent Animation Production, Observational Survey of Network Media
    Room: - / Ext: -

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    Hou Kai-Chun

    Position: Assistant Professor
    Education: PhD, Industrial Design Institute, National Cheng Kung University
     Experience: Industrial Technology Research Institute, Innovation Design Department
     Expertise: Kansei Engineering, Service Design, Multimedia Web Design, Interactive Design, Artificial Intelligence
    Room: / Ext:
    E-mail: kghou@gm.asia.edu.tw

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  • Francis Li

    Position: Senior Lecturer
    Education: New York Institute of Technology, Master of Communication Arts
    Specialty: 3D Character Animation, Digital FX, and Digital Dynamic Graphic Design
    Room: A312 / Ext: 1065
    E-mail: ctlee@asia.edu.tw

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