[Health Center (Health Care Service) Announcement] Daytime Department Freshman Health Check Time (12:50-17:00 on 9/14&9/17) and related instructions(2020.09.09)

  • 2020-09-09
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[Health Center (Health Care Service) Announcement] Daytime Department Freshman Health Check Time (12:50-17:00 on 9/14&9/17) and related instructions

Q1: Items and documents must be brought 1. Freshmen, please bring the completed "Student Health Examination Data Card" + mask + health insurance card + 600 yuan in cash.

Path → From the homepage of Asia University, click on the "New Students Area" on the upper left, refer to the O365 instructions on the lower right to open an account, click on the URL of the communication, and enter the account password again to enter the "Basic Information Filling" system, and enter (1) Student Basics online After completing the information and (5) basic health information, download the student health examination data card as a PDF file and print on both sides, and bring it to the physical examination unit for physical examination.

Q2: From 09.14 to 09.17, what school system can I participate in the on-campus group physical examination?

A: Only for freshmen in the daytime department. The physical examination time of each class will be announced in the Freshman Enrollment Guidance Week Handbook and the Health Center's health protection website . , Master and doctoral programs must first make a telephone appointment for a physical examination and then go to the China University Hospital or other hospitals to complete the physical examination.

Q3: Where can I inquire about the health check-up for new students?

A: For the health check-up for new students, please refer to the information and regulations of the latest announcement on the health protection website ( https://pse.is/HHJNV ). Remarks: Please refer to the attached physical examination manual for related instructions.

Q4: How to receive the personal medical examination report

A:1. Please collect the medical examination report from the personal mailbox on campus in mid-November after the physical examination.

Student mailbox (account number: «personal student number such as: 10900001» Password: «birthday, year, month and day 8 codes such as: 19900101»)

2. If you have not received your personal medical report within 30 days after the medical examination day, please as soon as possible Fill in the application form ( https://pse.is/SW32P ) on the Internet, and the health check center of the Affiliated Hospital of Asia University will resend the email to your student mailbox. The deadline for application is November 21, 2020, and post it before November 30.

3. Applicants who have exceeded the deadline will not be able to re-mail them. Please contact the pricing counter on the 1st floor of the Affiliated Hospital of Asia University to apply for the medical report at your own expense. The fee is NT200 (adjusted according to the hospital announcement).

If health check-related problems, welcome to contact Student Affairs at the Health Center (Health care)

Location: Administration Building, M111 room

Tel: 04-23323456 turn 3250 - 3254

Health Center website: http://shs2.asia.edu. tw/bin/home.php