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Department Strengths

1.The Expert and Experienced Teache
   The teachers are experts in the field of multi-dimensional, spread-eagle design, media, art and information. They are graduated from well-known
   universities both at domestic or foreign country.

2. Cultivate an Aesthetic Taste and the Capabilities of Appraisal Fashion Art
    Advance and excellence teaching program with “the creativity”, “the information technology”, and “aesthetics accomplishment” as its main core
    program, make the students stay competitive in job opportunities and for any further education.

3. Selective Courses
    Technical Art, The Multimedia Designs, and The Interaction Simulation are the main selective course. Students must take one of their
    compulsory courses as graduation requirements.

4. Enhance Students’ Ability
 The curriculum programs prepare students to be innovative, creative thinking, and having professional knowledge in media design by applying
    international standards.

5. The Highly Integrated Multi-dimensional Department
 College of Creative Design is equipped with “Department of Media and Design”, “Department of Visual Communication Design”, “Department of
    Creative Product Design”, and “Department of Fashion Design”. All the departments are highly integrated and high credibility. Together,
     the departments have rich, various but harmonious visions that make the departments stronger.

6. Ranking the First of “University School Evaluation” in Private School (Group Three) by the Ministry of Education
 The university has been evaluated excellent by the Ministry of Education in six aspects, consist of social sciences, engineering,
    international student program, educational promotion, the auxiliary, and administrative aspects and ranked as the top one in private school
    (group three).

7. Winning the “University Excellence Teaching Program” Prize of the Ministry of Education for Consecutive Years
 Asia University has an excellent program entitled “My Beloved School” that comes from one of university vision and make it as its long-term goal.
    Although as a newly established university, AU has won awards for “University Excellence Teaching Program” for six consecutive years and compete
    with other universities. Asia University has received NTD$83 million from the Ministry of Education since 1995.

8. Winning the "National Construction Excellence Award" in 2008 as The University with Elegant Art Building
 The university becomes the campus elegant art with Greco-Roman school buildings, lotus pond, and planted trees and flowers of
    cherry blossoms in spring, lotus in summer, Chinese redbud (also called Hong Kong cherry) in autumn, and roses in winter.
    It won the “National Excellence Construction Award” in May 2019. It is stated that “Rise of Asia University among the rapid expanded higher
    education in Taiwan shows the creator’s vision in shaping school plans step-by-step, blending planting and ecological campus construction orderly.
    Furthermore, through Ando museum, it expected as another scenic architecture reference in Taiwan.