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Program of Animation Employment
  The production of animated films covers creative pre-production, production and post production, and it is a profession that requires professional division of labor. The content of the work including character modeling, art design for scenes, establishment of digital models, setting of material quality, building of frameworks, setting of lighting and performance of movements requires the cultivation of professionals of different fields.


The animation industry in Taiwan also deals with the special effects of domestic films in addition to producing large-scale foreign animated films. These large-scale animation companies suffer from the disadvantage of the division of labor in animation production in the courses of related departments in colleges in Taiwan. After interviewing directors and inspector generals of computer animation companies, the program comprehends the greatest manpower demand in the animation industry and differences between the industry and the academic field. In view of this, the curriculum design focuses on the manpower demand that lacks the most in the industry, character animators. The program cooperates with animation companies which assign directors and technicians with practical experience to be instructors to pass on their professional experience. Upon the completion of the training program, Workforce Development Agency, Asia University and cooperating units will issue certificates which will be guarantee and proof of students' actual strength when they seek employment in the future.
Courses for 2012 1. Analysis of Character Animation
  1. This is an image This is a image
  2. 彭鳳珠老師 20121013 上課照片
  3. This is an image This is a image
  4. 彭鳳珠老師 20121020 同學角色表演
  1. 2. Character Modeling Design
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  2. 吳華倫老師 20121028 上課照片
  1. 3. Digital Lighting Design
  4. Performance Design for animation  
  1. 1. 角色動畫分析
  1. 2. 角色模型設計
  1. 3. 數位燈光設計
  4. 動作表演設計