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Brand Internship and Employment Guarantee
Reward Essentials I. Objective
To encourage outstanding Asia University students to intern at enterprises of brand collaboration during their school years and to obtain employment at enterprises of brand collaboration, “essentials for the application and distribution of scholarships for brand internship/guarantee employment in Asia University” has been formulated (hereinafter referred to as “the Essentials”). 

II. Subjects of Scholarships
Based on the regulations of scholarship standards and subjects of the undergraduate school of the university.

Students who meet the aforementioned qualification shall agree to participate the “training program for brand internship/guarantee employment”. And, the students shall obey the regulations that related to the Essentials, otherwise they are regarded as giving up the scholarships.

III. Amount of Scholarships
Based on the regulations of “brand internship and guarantee employment”, the students are allowed to be granted scholarships. And according to the ranking of grades of students admitted to each department, scholarships are divided into two methods in the following:
(I) NTD15,000 for the first prize to fifth prize.

(II) NTD10,000 for the sixth prize to fifteenth prize.

IV. Distribution Method:

Based on the Essentials, students who have obtained the qualification of brand internship/guarantee employment scholarships in the year of entering the university, and who have taken required courses from freshman year to senior year will be granted with the scholarships prior to their internship. However, those who terminate training, halt training or are no long in school will not be granted with the scholarships.

V. Other Notes:
Students who are granted with the scholarships shall consider prudently their personal life plan. And, the students are not allowed to postpone or reschedule the training or internship with reasons such as attending a graduate school, having short-term study abroad or oversea study tours or other individual factors. The arrangement of brand internship will be revoked once the rule is violated, and then violators have to return the full amount of the scholarships.

Download: Essentials for Application and Distribution of Scholarships for Brand Internship/Guarantee Employment in Asia University

Brand Internship for the DMD The students will have a lot of internship opportunities to the following companies during their during their third or fourth year. The companies will hire the students first ( once the students are graduated from university). the companies will hire them first.

Major important companies for internship:

(2)Giant Bicycle Inc.
(3)Duck Design
(4)CGCG Inc.
(5)Animaze studio