107-1 Literature Strategies and its Application for Writing(2018.11.28)

  • 2018-11-28
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107-1 Literature Strategies and its Application for Writing

On Nov. 28th, the writer, Li Zhan-Ping( 李展平), is going to deliver a speech at our Digital Media Department in discussion of his work- 綠樹當戶-尋訪中興新村 with our students.

Li Zhan Ping makes poem, essay, journalism, and biography. The theme of the essay had been mainly presented by the individual expressions, love, and passion before the writers such as Li Zhan Ping started to passionately embrace the people who suffer from different pain on the earth. With a human touch, the writers have been dealing with people in a kind way in order to understand their problem.

In his recent journalism, the writer Li Zhan-Ping has been presenting Taiwan historic stories to us by visiting different places and recording each precious moment. This speech will be presenting literature strategies that how to convey love to locals. Through the writer’s experiences and instructions, our students will be able to recognize the depth of our culture.