109-1 semester suspension application announcement

  • 2020-11-23
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109-1 semester suspension application announcement

From 10:00 am on November 23, 109 (Mon) to 6:00 pm on January 4, 110 (Mon).

1. Overview of operation instructions:

Step 1. After logging in to the "Student Information System" (http://course.asia.edu.tw/), go to the "Suspension Application" of "Applications".

"Step 2. Read the "Notes" carefully to confirm the "Basic Information", confirm whether the information is correct, and start the application.

"Step 3. In the "Course List", select the subjects to be suspended and select the "Reason for Suspension", then click "Send" to proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Confirm whether the suspension information is correct. If it is correct, please click "Submit Application". If you need to modify, please click "Back to Previous Page"; if the suspension application is not completed, a prompt message will appear; Suspension of less than the minimum credits, please confirm whether it will not affect the graduation before submitting the application.

Step 5. The content displayed in "Check Result" is the basis for whether the suspension application is passed or not. You can also confirm the suspension application result in "Semester Timetable" or go to "Records" → "Inquiry for Suspension Application Results" .

2. To apply for suspension of studies, students should apply online in the "Student Information System" after the mid-term exams and within two weeks before the start of the final exams.

3. After the acceptance of the suspension period, the subjects that have been approved for suspension shall not be required to withdraw the suspension application without approval.

4. After the course is suspended, the credit fees (credits, tuition and miscellaneous fees) have been paid will not be refunded, and those who have not paid should still be paid.

5. Subjects that have been approved for suspension must still be registered in the transcript of the semester and the transcript of the previous year, and indicate "Suspension" in the transcript column, and their credits will not be included in the total number of credits taken in the semester and previous years.

6. In order to cooperate with the teaching reform of "Basic Programming (1), (2), (3)" in the freshman year of "School of Information and Electricity", students who have taken this course this semester will still agree to specialize In addition to signing and reviewing the application for "stop repair", all others present their learning situation in the way of P (Pass)/I (Incomplete), and the "stop repair" rule does not apply.

7. In the week following the end of the suspension, please go to the "Teacher Information System" to update the list of teaching sites.

If you have further questions, Please contact registration and curriculum section (extension 3122(College of Medical and Health Science);、3110(College of Medical and Health Science) & (College of Nursing);

3120(College of Humanities and Social Sciences) ;

3111(College of Creative Design);

3131(College of Management);

3124(College of Information and Electrical Engineering)

or Information Office (extension 3511).