Asian University Media and Occupational Therapy Students implement practical university social responsibility!

  • 2018-07-21
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The Asian Media Department, the Occupational Therapy Department and the Changhua Xiu Laolang Agency promote the university's social responsibility program, lead the functional treatment department students to the local care for the elderly, and implement the university social responsibility.

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The University of Asia (Asia University, Taiwan) digital media design department, functional therapy department promotes the university social responsibility program, and the local photography artist, also the digital media and photography teacher Xu Zhentang(許震唐) to promote community image records, and then plan long-term care base, care The health of the elderly also allows students to experience learning in the process.

The Center for Social Responsibility Development and Practice of the University of Asia (USR Center) was established in early July of 2018. Under the guidance of the director and vice president of the center, Ke Huizhen and the academic director Zhang Shaoliang, the Asian Department of Media and Functional Therapy immediately attacked and visited on July 21.

After Taixi Village, students will be led again on September 16th. Students will observe through the images and deeply understand the history and changes of the countryside. Students can learn about the structure and methods of community involvement in the community through the process of actual experience. Find problems and stories, understand problems and spread them through the production of images to achieve the possibility of topic communication and communication.

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Teacher Lin Jiaan encourages students to leave the learning field of the classroom, learn more from the school, and practice through the process of learning. Image as the value and spirit of art. I am also grateful to the CEO of Changhua County, Changhua County, for the support of the Executive Director of Qiu Huizhi. This time, the elderly related equipment will be provided to teach the elderly people how to use the resources, and hope to shorten the resource distance between urban and rural areas.

I hope that I will have more chances to come to this place in the future and have more opportunities to interact with you. Mr. Xu Zhentang from the media department said that thanks to all the people who have helped each other, this is a successful event. I am very happy to work with you. I hope that I will have the opportunity to serve more people and do more things together!

Teacher Li Yazhen of the Department of Functional Therapy said that once again, thanks to the support of the director of the media and other teachers and, most importantly, the support of the Taixi village elders, this event can be successfully completed.

After the event, there was considerable feedback from the students. The students went deep into a village, heard special stories, saw different cultures, felt a lot of inner feelings, and more importantly felt the need of the community. In addition to professional study, there is a different feeling for serving the public. These are all things that can't be learned in textbooks. Students feel that such activities have benefited a lot.

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