Asian universities go to the local township to implement university social responsibility!

  • 2018-07-21
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Asian University and Changhua County, Changhua County(大城鄉), Taixi Village(台西村), the establishment of the Taixi Village Image Museum(台西村影像館)

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Taixi Village Former Village Head Xu Junjie Interpretation Image Gallery.

The Department of Digital Media Design and Functional Therapy at Asia University promotes the University's social responsibility program, and together with the local photography artist and the digital studio's part-time photography teacher, Dr. Xu Zhentang(許震唐), promote the planning of community image records and long-term care bases.

Through the social responsibility of the university, Asian universities cooperate from teachers, students, and the community. We hope that under such a foundation, we can work together and let students experience learning in this process. Vice President Ke Huizhen and Vice President Zhang Shaoliang from Asia University mentioned that universities play many roles in society, not only as a base for knowledge accumulation, innovation and teaching, but also for the development of society, industry and local communities. responsibility. University Social Responsibility is one of the important policy directions for Taiwan's higher education in the future. I hope that Asian universities can play the role of think tank in the community and work together to promote university social responsibility such as community service.

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The past of the harvest of the eel seedlings, let the viewers think about it by photos.

On July 21, 2018, the Asian Media Department played the role of synergy. Taixi Village was the main promoter. The Taixi Village Image Museum was formally established. Through the construction of the old house, it was re-watched and utilized to retrieve the value of the old house. Xu Zhentang said, "This is the westernmost video gallery in Taiwan!" Revitalize the old house that has been idle for 20 years, and collect the historical memories of the bloody tears of this small village.

Looking forward to the future, it will become an important cultural action and community development base. I also hope that through the story of the video gallery, I will try to discuss the industrial development of the past 20 years, the rise and fall of this rural area. Teacher Xu mentioned that in 1989, the photo of "Bai Xi Wang" in Taixi Village, the villagers who took the bamboo basket and walked into a row, opened their faces. But then the villagers took the incense to worship the opposite side of the turbid water stream, but came to the huge petrochemical factory with six chimneys. The next more than 20 black and white photos, there was a bumper smile, and then the fall of the past, the development of the village is a certain number of flashes.

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Director Lin Jiaan went to the muddy water exploration.

Director Lin Jiaan of the digital media department also mentioned that some villages with the most serious air and water pollution in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s were changed by the residents and the government to persuade the manufacturers. More than a decade ago, the village heads and township leaders took the lead in building the museum. Record the process of village improvement, leave the lessons and lessons, and let the people born in the 21st century have a vision. The experience of Taixi Village is still in progress.

He suggested that the village head should find out all the photos before the petrochemical industry, and then ask the elders to tell the story and record it so that the future people can have a deeper understanding of Taixi Village. development of. The deep meaning of the "Taixi Image Museum" and the Green Energy Citizen Power Plant: From the perspective of the image, this is an interpretation of the history of the land, allowing the villagers to record images for a long time, and they have a museum to "collect". After a few decades, residents can see history and reproduce history from here.

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The students visiting Taixi Village.

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The function of the department is Li Yazhen and the former village head of Taixi Village.