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Teaching Features

  • 1. The Diverse of Faculty’s Program Theory and Practices
    Across the Department of Teacher professional design, media, arts or other fields of information, research areas, including multimedia and animation design, technology and art and design, interactive simulation, user interface design, in line with a diversified, international, practice of science and technology integration of art and global trend.
  • 2. A "Bonds of Science and Art" Focusing on Individual Creativity
    The bond between technology of science and arts becomes the consideration in creating the curriculum
  • 3. A Comprehensive Course
    A comprehensive content is provided with future- oriented courses like multimedia content including information technology, design, humanities and arts. The courses are integrated each other.
  • 4. The Advance of Laboratory and Equipment
    The department provide an advance laboratory and equipment to support student activities. It consist of design sketch and painting classes, drawing classes, design professional classroom, classroom, computer graphics and CAD, high-end computer animation and multimedia rooms, exhibition display rooms, design workshop, game design lab, digital content lab and so forth.
  • 5. Strengthening Project Design and Professional Practice
    The Department has established the "Professional Training Implementation Guidelines," planning "Graduation Design 1 and 2" as a compulsory course. Through the taken courses, students can train a professional skills.